The Team

Inventing Europe’s unique exploratory environment has been developed and coordinated by the Foundation for the History of Technology in collaboration with eleven cultural heritage partners, and supported by our sponsors

The Foundation for the History of Technology seeks to develop and communicate knowledge that increases our understanding of the critical role that technology plays in the history of the modern world. Established in 1988, the Foundation initiates and supports scholarly research in the history of technology. This includes large-scale national and international research programs, as well as numerous individual projects, many of which are in collaboration with Eindhoven University of Technology. The Foundation also coordinates Tensions of Europe (ToE), an international research network of more than 250 scientists from across Europe and the United States who are studying the role of technology as an agent of change in European history.

Project Development Team


Program Director
Johan Schot

Project Manager 
Suzanne Lommers

Chief Editor
Alexander Badenoch

Web Developer
Sander Knape 

Rien Buisman, Alan Outten 

Web Editors
Slawomir Lotysz, Anne-Mirthe Dieudonné

Project Advisors
Alexander Badenoch, Margaret Gold, Brian Fuchs 

Jan Korsten, Sonja Beekers

Additional Research
Jiří Janáč (Canal Shipping) and Faidra Papanelopoulou (Home Economics)

Advisory Board

Deutsches Museum
Helmuth Trischler/Ludwig Schletzbaum

The Science Museum London
Robert Bud

Norsk Teknisk Museum
Hans Weinberger