Suzanne Lommers

Suzanne Lommers works for the Foundation for the History of Technology. Since mid-2012 she is the project manager of Inventing Europe, the first Euroepan Digital Museum for Science & Technology. In 2011 she started her work for this project as one of the web editors and as caretaker of its education and communication side. Suzanne is particularly interested in the educative connection the Virtual Exhibit makes between cultural heritage collections, science, a broader general audience, and higher education. Additionally, she is responsible for the communications side of the Making Europe book project. Suzanne obtained her Ph.D from Eindhoven University of Technology in 2012, which is published as Europe – On Air: Interwar Projects for Radio Broadcasting  with Amsterdam University Press. She holds an MSc degree in Economic and Historical Studies from Utrecht University (2003) for which she spent half a year at the Università degli Studi di Bologna in Italy. After her masters she has worked as Assistant Planning and Purchase Manager at the Royal Dutch Mint in Utrecht and as a junior researcher at the Research Institute for Culture and History, Utrecht University, on the history of the Royal Dutch Shell.

Tours by this Curator

The Keys
to Europe

Who ruled the railways when they crossed over the borders?


Keeping 'noise' out of European airwaves required both technical know-how and agreement on what "noise" was.

Media and

Controlling media means not only being heard, but drowning out...


How do you trust that 'live' pictures are true?