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The first Hungarian transistorized calculator

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A page from the catalogue of the Hunor-131 calculator

In the 1960s, computers still needed air-conditioned rooms, dust-free environment and thier own technical crew. At the same time, however, the first table-top calculators also started to emerge in Hungary. In 1964-65 the Hunor-131 appeared, designed by Árpád Klatsmányi (1923-2007) using logic units made in Hungary. It was the first Hungarian transistorized calculator. The display of the machine is composed of digitron tubes. The company EMG produced (under the brand name Hunor) calculators and machine-tool controllers even in the 1980s the brand name Hunor. The Hunor family of calculators also had pocket and programmable calculators. In the 1970’s and 80’s, using integrated circuit technology, another Hungarian company, the Association of Telecommunications (HT) started manufacturing calculators: these were licensed copies from foreign manufacturers, mainly from Texas Instruments products. The Hungarian Museum for Science, Technology and Transport owns a copy of the Hunor-131 and several of its successors.

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Hungarian Museum for Science, Technology and Transport

Hungarian Museum for Science, Technology and Transport


Electronic Measurers Factory (Elektronikus Mérőkészülékek Gyára, EMG)