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For visitors from Europe and beyond

Inventing Europe is a pioneering, collaborative “virtual exhibit” that opens up new paths through the last 150 years of European history. Taking science and technology as its starting point, it offers a close look at hundreds of objects through stories that link those objects across borders and across time. To get started, VISIT one of the Exhibitions, EXPLORE the Tours, or TAKE A TOUR curated by one of our cultural heritage partners.

For cultural heritage institutions and Europeana

Inventing Europe provides unique opportunities to reach new groups of users, place exhibitions and collections in a new light, enrich objects with in-depth stories, and discover new synergies with a range of partners. We invite you to become a partner and share objects in your own collections, curate Guest tours, and sharing your unique perspective and knowledge of the technological history of Europe. CONTACT US if you would like to participate and benefit from placing your collection within a larger European context, visible to people from all across the world.

For historians and teachers

Inventing Europe brings current historical research to life in broad new themes, and offers a new way of learning about and engaging with transnational history using a wide range of primary materials. Use the website as a tool to support lecture and classroom teaching, or base a student assignment on the Exhibitions and Tours. Explore our EDUCATION ENVIRONMENT to find out how to make the most of this new resource in an educational setting.