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Cotton samples from Ludw. Hestermann’s Allgemeine Lehrmittelanstalt

Description (English)

Kristiania Tekniske Skole was founded in 1873. The school was meant to educate professionals for the growing industries, including the textile industry. Different series of textile samples from the Ludw. Hestermann’s Allgemeine Lehrmittelanstalt [General Learning materials institute] in Hamburg was used to teach the pupils about the textile materials and fibres. The box contains the cotton pericarp or boll, un-spun cotton and the cotton fibre in different stages from fibre to thread. There are also samples of different kinds of fabric. The samples express the possibilities for variation in cotton fabrics. There are floating tulle, as well as starched plain clothes and colourful gingham.

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Norsk Teknisk Museum

Norsk Teknisk Museum

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