Philips Exhibition

Tuberculosis in

Read how science has chased diseases over border from the 17th Century to the present

Bulbs, Brains,
& Design

In the course of a century, Eindhoven developed from a regional trade center to a global technological hub.


Transatlantic and European competition and knowledge exchange highlighted the rise and fall of the light bulb.

Tuning in
the World

Read how radio dials helped people imagine a new Europe.

X-ray winner
of WWI

Learn how the battlefields of the European Great War contributed unexpectedly to the development of X-ray technology.

In tandem

How Philips became big through transnational collaboration in consumer electronics and ICT.

Inspired By


The tours you find here are linked to the 100 Years of Inventions exhibition of our partner Museum Boerhaave. Come and see the exhibition in real life and download our very own Inventing Europe museum app to enjoy an informative, fun, and interactive experience.

100 Years of Inventions: Made by Philips Research

by Museum Boerhaave in Leiden, the Netherlands

On view: Dec. 18, 2013 until Jan, 4, 2015