Daily Lives Exhibition

Home Economics

The science of 'home economics' meant to improve women's work in the home - and also made jobs outside it.

Sewing for
a Living

With sewing machines, European learned to buy, dress, and copy and steal in new ways.

'Real' Processed

How did people come to trust artificial foods? And was that trust deserved?

Waste Not
Want Not

Read how recyclng went from being a wartime necessity to and everyday practice


New technologies and new mobility meant new possibilities - and problems - for going on holiday.

Fridges Change

Read how Europeans made space for refrigerators - and refrigerators changed for European spaces.

Inspired By


The Tours in the Daily Lives Exhibition were largely inspired by volume 1 of the Making Europe book series:

Consumers, Tinkerers, Rebels: The People Who Shaped Europe

by Ruth Oldenziel and Mikael Hård