Governance Exhibition

Building Europe
on Steel

Read how Europe invented steel and transferred technology freely before the sector entered a prolonged crisis after 1974.

The Keys
to Europe

Who ruled the railways when they crossed over the borders?

Making Rules
for Penicillin

Developed during the Second World War, penicillin has long been caught up in processes beyond medicine.

The Railway

Russian tracks are 89mm wider than their neighbours. When borders move, what do the tracks do?


Keeping 'noise' out of European airwaves required both technical know-how and agreement on what "noise" was.

Smooth Sailing
on Waterways

Read about the ongoing struggle to connect Europe by waterways

The Humble

From WWII to the Cold War, the humble tractor became tool for politics.

Inspired By


The Tours in the Governance Exhibition were largely inspired by volume 4 of the Making Europe book series:

Writing the Rules for Europe: Experts, Cartels and International Organizations

by Wolfram Kaiser and Johan Schot