Knowledge Societies Exhibition

Building a
Better World

The belief in new technologies inspired architects to dream of new cities and a better world.

Myth of
the national engineer

European governments liked to portray engineers as national heroes – but were they?

Architecture of

Follow the development of technical education across Europe


Read how German rocket scientists took off around the world after WWII


From index cards to the internet, read about plans to collect and communicate all the knowledge in the world

ELDO, the
Space Flop

After Sputnik woke up the world to space, Western European countries joined the space race together - with less than high-flying results.

High-tech Cold

Read how high-tech goods crossed the Iron Curtain - or didn't.

Inspired By


The Tours in the Knowledge Societies Exhibition were largely inspired by volume 2 of the Making Europe book series:

Building Europe on Expertise: Innovators, Organizers, Networkers

by Martin Kohlrausch and Helmuth Trischler