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Dual gauge (1435mm-1520 mm) railway track on the Hungary-Ukraine border

Description (English)

From 1945, the Hungarian railways joined the 1524 mm (1520 mm from 1972) broad gauged railway network to Ukraine at Záhony. In this area of Záhony a spacious transfer station emerged for transferring goods brought by standard and broad gauged freight trains. For technical reasons, it became necessary to build and operate a so called dual gauged track on short distance (1435 mm standard and 1520 mm broad gauge together). Dual gauge is handled by twinings 4 rails, on which vehicles of both railway systems were able to travel.

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Object Information

Original dual gauged track 1946; latest reconstruction 2010

Mr. J¢zsef Solt‚sz chief curator

Hungarian Museum for Science, Technology and Transport

Hungarian Museum for Science, Technology and Transport

Hungarian State Railways

Special dual gauge railway track