'Mondovision' goes live - briefly

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La réception de la première Mondovision

On July 23, 1962, nearly two weeks after the first tests, the first official launch of transatlantic satellite broadcasting took place.

This was celebrated in France as "Mondovision" – television for the world. In fact, the brief program showed images of the United States that were relayed via the Eurovision network to a number of West European countries.

Some hours later, "Europe" responded with typical images from each country: iconic shots of Paris, London, and Rome, and even a reindeer from Sweden.

As the weeks wore on, regular exchanges took place, always for a short window of time while the satellite passed overhead.

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Opening Europe to 'Mondovision': the start of satellite broadcasting

After Sputnik, it seemed like it was only a matter of time before sounds and images would be coming from space. Many dreamed that this would unify the the peoples of the world if they could all receive the same signals. When Telstar, the first communications satellite, was launched, however, it also revealed divisions on the ground.

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